About Us

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About Us

Fly High Cheer and Tumble, LLC is owned and managed by Andrea Caswell and her husband, David. The business is a family blend of unmatched coaching  experience steeped in the values of integrity, service and excellence which the owners embrace after living and learning alongside Air Force families for over 20 years.

It has always been Andrea’s dream to open her own gym. As a military spouse who has lived in many places in the United States and internationally, coach Andrea has volunteered, coached and directed various cheerleading programs for over 20 years, including: recreational cheer, middle and high school cheer, allstar cheer, stunting, tumbling and, most recently, was head coach of the Italian National Team for the 2018 International Cheer Union Worlds competition held in Orlando, Florida.

David is a proud cheer dad and has served in the US Air Force for over 16 years as an officer and mobility pilot. David also possesses a Bachelor of Science in Biology, a Master of Science in Logistics and a Master of Business Administration.

As philanthropists at heart, Andrea and Dave ultimately envision giving back to military families and the local community by way of hosting free events at Fly High, such as: “Deployed Spouse’s Dinners” and “Give Parents a Break Night” whereby the stresses of life are put on hold and families can come together to socialize and relax in a safe and fun atmosphere.